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Help for Families   Addiction is the Whole Family’s Disease

If you have a family member or colleague who is battling with addiction, we are here to help you.  We understand how deeply addiction can negatively affect personal relationships, which is why we incorporate a family component directly into our Program.


Family problems that often emerge from addiction include Co-Dependency, Enabling, and even Emotional or Physical Abuse.


Of course, you do not need to be related to a person suffering from addiction to help get him or her into treatment.  We often receive inquiries from Friends, Co-Workers, and Clergy – or anyone who is concerned about the welfare of another.


In helping your loved one, we want to help you, too.  Asking for help can be the hardest part – once you contact us, we can reduce the tremendous burden you feel.


On this website, we have a Self-Assessment to get a sense of the scope of the problem you are facing.



You may have heard that an addict must hit rock bottom” before agreeing to enter treatment.  Oftentimes, family and friends can help motivate an addict to seek help.  This can be accomplished through an intervention, where friends and family gather (1) to express their love and affection and (2) to offer the person suffering the gift of treatment.  When your loved one understands the depths and consequences of the continued addiction, this realization can provide the inspiration to choose Recovery.


We can facilitate an intervention, or we can recommend to you an experienced interventionist in your local area.  We have a list of recommended interventionists under Affiliate & Complementary Services


Family Program


Treatment at The Abbey offers an intense educational program, which teaches how behavioral problems associated with substance abuse affects the interpersonal dynamics of the family. 


We identify the existing family system and work toward breaking through the defense mechanism that have supported or enabled the destructive behaviors of the individual suffering from addiction. 


Family programming also encourages the expression of the painful emotions of feelings that may have been avoided or medicated in the past.  Effective communication is emphasized and the resolution of past anger and resentment give way to hope and positive support for building an honest and open relationship within a family or partnership. 


We also offer opportunities for recognizing and maintaining healthy boundaries.  The family program offers educational sessions, group counseling, and individual family therapy in an effort to increase the awareness of family dynamics and how to create a healthy environment where family members are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings.   


Privacy, Safety & Security  


Sometimes people worry about getting help because they are concerned about privacy and safety.


At The Abbey, we treat privacy as a paramount concern – not only the clients’ privacy, but your privacy, as well!


Our facility is built as an extremely private and secure compound – complete with its own 10-foot high wall surrounding the property. 


If you participate in the family program, you won’t have to worry that your privacy or safety will be compromised. 

Addiction isn’t just the addict’s disease.  It’s the whole family’s disease.”

Family Counseling